Fully electric sealers bring cost savings

Tray sealed packs offer consumers and retailers what they want – convenience, protection and freshness. With competition becoming increasingly fierce, manufacturers are being forced to find cost savings through improved production line efficiencies. Packaging Automation has designed the eclipse range of tray sealers to give manufacturers what they need – more flexibility, less waste, reduced pack weight, increased productivity and significant cost savings.

Neil Ashton from PA explains: “Food manufacturers are always looking for more cost-effective production methods. They have already reduced the cost of ingredients and labour as far as they can and now we are helping them through providing line efficiencies such as higher speeds, lower power consumption and less downtime. Our very latest development is a range of fully electrical tray sealers. Incorporating PA’s POWERDRIVE technology, the eclipse R rotary machine and the automatic eclipse SL4 operate without using compressed air. “

To complete the eclipse range PA offer the 100 packs per minute SL6 and the 200 packs per minute TL6. Neil Ashton commented: “Food manufacturers are understandably wary of investing in new equipment and need to see the long term benefits, so we designed for long term value giving the SL6 the in-built flexibility to easily upgrade to a TL6 twin lane and double output without increasing the footprint.”

To save on critical downtime, tool changeovers on all of eclipse tray sealers can be done manually in two minutes as a result of an inbuilt tool loading system. The ingenious top tool comprises single impression removable cartridges to enable continued operation during repairs and routine maintenance. Quick release cutting blades on these allow for replacement in seconds and spare cartridges can be supplied to enable full capacity operation at all times.