PA help Biocomposites achieve sterile pack for their medical products

Biocomposites manufacture pioneering calcium compound devices to regenerate and repair bone and soft tissue. When it comes to packaging, the nature of this product means that it’s vital that the seal band is 100% consistent to keep the product sterile. After having extensive experience supporting other medical product manufacturers Packaging Automation understand the packaging requirements and ensure full compliance to medical specifications when supplying equipment.

Packaging Automation’s test kitchen was used to complete comprehensive sealing trials to demonstrate, test and prove the required standard could be achieved. Biocomposites are now supplying consistently reliable sealed packs that provide assurance that the product remains sterile up to the point of use.

After approaching several suppliers to discuss their requirements, Biocomposites chose to purchase a fully electric, semi-automatic eclipseR tray sealing machine. Chis McGuiness Production Director commented “we were impressed by the professional approach of the Packaging Automation representatives along with the flexibility offered in terms of bespoke build and project management. The eclipseR was chosen due to a combination of product requirements, environmental constraints and advice from PA technical experts.”

The eclipseR is a fully electric machine which requires zero air for operation and can seal up to 40 packs per minute. Since using the eclipseR, Biocomposites has seen a moderate increase in production output and improved ease of use for the operator.

Chris continued “Choosing the most suitable supplier for key equipment can become difficult when you find yourself having to filter out important information from unfamiliar phrasing used in a pressured sales pitch but our purchasing experience with Packaging Automation Ltd came with no such burden. The sales and technical teams were open and honest from the off and avoided using any form of pressure selling techniques but rather invested time and resource into exploring all available options to arrive at a conclusion which best suits our Company’s needs. We’ve been very pleased and impressed with the speed and efficiency with which our project has been handled. Communication has been excellent with frequent progress updates which have enabled us to plan for installation and commissioning with ease. I would recommend PA without hesitation”


Packaging Automation Ltd was established in 1963 and is a leading UK manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling and sealing machinery.
PA can offer customers a tray sealer or pot filler for a wide range of applications in the food industry including fresh produce packing such as salad, tomato, strawberry, raspberry and soft fruit packing, fish, seafood, meat and chicken packing (including vacuum packing and skin packing), ready meal sealing and packing, and pot or tub denesting, filling and sealing for puddings and sauces. PA also manufacture machines for medial products packing.

Full packing lines can be specified and installed to include tray denesting, conveyoring, tray filling, film sealing including modified atmosphere packing (MAP) facilities. Foil tray sealing as well as plastic tray sealing can be accommodated on all machines as standard.
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