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A fully electric pre-cut lid, linear conveyor platen tray sealing machine with unlimited versatility capable of sealing up to 200 packs per minute.

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PA have extended their eclipse range of tray sealing machinery and launched the eclipse 240, a fully electric high speed linear conveyor platen machine, ideal for sealing sandwich skillets.

Mobile and integrated denester solutions either fully electric or pneumatic. Can be fully synchronised with conveyor systems.

Click Here to Download PDF of the Technical Specifications

A major technology breakthrough at Packaging Automation Ltd has culminated in the design of the fastest most energy efficient single lane tray sealing machine in the world.

The Revolution machine incorporates truly novel technology enabling it to surpass all previous tray sealing products with speeds of 150 packs per minute which is at least 20% faster than the closest competing product. Interpolated multi axis robotic motion ensures a continuous flow of trays through the machine from infeed to outfeed eliminating any need for pauses or buffering.

The Revolution is the fastest, most energy efficient, flexible single lane tray sealer available. By incorporating truly novel technology, the Revolution surpasses all previous products providing users with incredibly efficient, high speed tray sealing.

Click Here to Download PDF of the Technical Specifications

In 2013 Packaging Automation celebratet its 50th anniversary. The first company logo was drawn by Arthur Penn the company’s founder in 1963. It is a simple yet effective design that represents and links the letters p and a.

PA's range of fully electrical machines has been developed to save you money. Break free from your reliance on expensive, inefficient and wasteful pneumatic systems. This new technology allows the eclipse range to operate without compressed air and can dramatically reduce your running costs and lower CO2 emissions.

The fully electrical SL4 and the eclipse range of equipment, bring to the tray sealing market machines that demonstrate ruggedness of build, high performance and versatility that have been born out of PA’s 50 years of experience in the industry.

Click Here to Download PDF of the Technical Specifications


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