Our seal technologist can guide you through the development of new packaging concepts and help you access our vast database of packaging suppliers and carry out trials in our fully equipped test facility.

Would you like to see an existing product line packaged in a new packaging material, different tray shape or with new pack functions?

Would you like to produce packaged samples of your new product to present to retailers?

Would you expect the guy who built your machine to come and service it? Well, with us it can happen.
Our manufacturing and assembly team use their years of experience and training to build your machine and tooling to the highest possible standard. Then they will be by your side to help with the installation and first few days operating your new equipment.

We’ve built our reputation on innovation.

Can you reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions?

All too often, taking the environmentally friendly route seems to be the expensive option. But it doesn’t have to be. Our eclipse tray sealing machines will save you money and have the environmental credentials you are looking for. Because they require no compressed air to operate they will also reduce your CO2 emissions.

Our range of tray sealing machines and pot fillers has been proudly engineered in England. We will design a solution to your problem that is reliable and cost effective and incorporates the very latest technology so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you are future proofing your investment today.

Through collaborative projects with the suppliers of critical components, our design and systems engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve the efficiency, reliability, user friendliness and cost effectiveness of your tray sealing and pot filling machinery.

From the artisan to the multi-national, we have the answer. We know what you want from our tray sealing and pot filling machines. You want a machine that you can rely on to keep your customers happy. We pride ourselves in a direct, honest appraisal of your objectives and how best to achieve them. Our commitment to you is total – we want to deliver a complete tray sealing or pot filling solution that surpasses your expectations. Our family of engineers will exceed your expectations through commitment, determination, tenacity and responsiveness.

The twinlane TL6 and the eclipse range of equipment, bring to the tray sealing market machines that demonstrate ruggedness of build, high performance and versatility that have been born out of PA's 50 years of experience in the industry.

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