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We work closely with the market leading coding equipment suppliers.  We can arrange to have your choice of coder manufacturer professionally fit their equipment to your Tray sealing machine in our factory prior to delivery, ensuring everything is fully tested and is completely operational and signed off.



Thermal Transfer Printer

Zodiac Hawk


The world’s first Thermal Transfer Overprinter that checks its own print.

The Zodiac Hawk Thermal Transfer Printer has been designed to help  businesses in their drive to achieve improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by being the first coder that can report on all three elements of OEE, with quality now included alongside performance and availability.

Equally important, the coder’s ability to provide early warning of any potential loss of code quality will help to minimise production disruption and downtime, as well as reduce the risk of customer complaints or the possibility of a product recall, with its cost implications and potential damage to brand reputation.

Ideal for flexible packaging applications, labels and glossy card applications that require content including regulatory, traceability or use by dates to be printed. The Zodiac Hawk Thermal Transfer Printer can now also print on newer flexible packaging types including resealable pouches, stick packs and sachets.

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Designed for the most demanding, high-volume applications, the SmartDate X65 delivers high resolution coding on flexible film packaging as fast as 455 packs per minute. Its fully intuitive 10.1” user interface makes daily operations easy and straightforward and provides the most valuable information you need to optimize and enhance your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through MI Sigma reporting.

Enhanced SmartDate experience

  • Coder can be configured to monitor your 5 most important production metrics directly from your home screen e.g., pack rate, throughput, availability.

  • Animated help and ‘how to’ tutorials provide guidance on setup and daily maintenance procedures to ensure consistent print quality.

High-performance printing

  • In addition to its dead-dot detection system, the easy-to-install SmartDate Detect-Plus system* checks and confirms the presence, position and quality of the code on every pack and directly on the user 10.1” interface.

  • Print speed can be set from 10 mm to 1800 mm per second allowing for 455 printed packs per minute at 300 dpi.

Unmatched and cost-effective reliability

  • Zero preventive maintenance: Robust direct ribbon drive and cassette design contain no wear parts.

  • All-in-one printer for enhanced flexibility: Both intermittent and continuous configurations with a 53 mm printhead are available on the same coder.

  • Up to 15%** more codes per roll: Large choice of ribbon rolls based on your packaging type and needs.

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