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  • I have a WDOG error on my machine
    This could be many different issues on the machine. Its not an exclusive error. Historical issues include: Often a WDOG error will arise when one of the Servo Drives (the amplifiers that control the servo motors) is in a state of alarm. Finding why the drive is in error should clear the WDOG error. The CN2 plug on the Infeed servo amp had a scenario where the brown core of the multicore cable had come away from the soldered pin. The N/O contact on the Reset button had seized shut, preventing the machine from resetting. Water ingress within the connections on the splitter box on the underside of the machine. The Lead Screw hadnt been greased and wasnt moving as freely as it should, causing an overload error on the Servo Drive.
  • My reel brake is not adjusting after inputting new value
    The new value is only activated after an E-stop and Reset has been completed.
  • Film is slipping
    Poor engagement/pressure on the rubber drive Rubber roller has gone hard due to film residue build up, clean with scotch brite.
  • The seal quality of my packs has reduced.
    Common issues to look out for regarding poor seal quality would be a build up of product on the seal profiles on the top tooling. Another issue could be that the sealing rubber is damaged or worn and needs to be replaced.
  • The heaters on the tooling won't turn on.
    Check to see if the Tool Loading Arms are in their home position. If they are open it will prevent the heater contactor from engaging. Also check the sensors that look for the loading arms havn't become loose and are in the correct position to see the countersink pickup bolt in the arm.
  • The table on my Eclipse R is out of position.
    Check to see if the coupling on the table assembly is tight.
  • The film is constantly feeding through the machine.
    Check to see if the Registered Film option is on. Also check that the nip roller is engaged.
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