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What is MiWeigh?

MiWeigh is an award-winning, intelligent, performance management tool designed to improve the process of weighing food products into trays.  The MiWeigh range of productivity improvement solutions for packaging operations incorporate weighing and material handling technology.  With the goal of maximising productivity, the hardware and software are used to monitor operator performance.  This provides a real time visual management tool to aid decision-making and improve pack consistency with a clear, quick return on investment.

The MiWeigh software produces batch data and offers live data across each individual/scale and per product in a visual form showing; speed, accuracy and giveaway for each scale/operator and combined total.

Product costs for each item can be loaded in the recipe and KPIs can be set for individuals.  This then gives live performance data continually to line readers or manager of operator and line efficiency.

Production Control – MiWeigh Master Control Hub


The MiWeigh Master Control Hub (M.C.H) is the main control screen for the production line and managers.  The recipes are created through a simple and easy to use program called the MiWizard.  This can be done remotely on any media and doesn’t have to be on the M.C.H.  All tolerances, products costs, images and KPI’s can be saved into a recipe.  This recipe can then be sent remotely to the M.C.H and is available on the shop floor to select once an operator has logged in with the RFID system.


The M.C.H acts as the master and the Positive and Negative scales as slaves, the M.C.H sends remotely all stored recipes; so, line changes between products are rapid.  The pre-set information sent to the scales are things such as target weight, tolerances, and product images.  These will be sent to the individual scales even if they are all different.


Live reporting on the M.C.H HMI screen gives feedback to line leaders who can see performance for each scale/operator individually based against the pre-set KPIs which could be giveaway, speed or number of tares.  This can be reviewed remotely on any media in real-time.  This function allows intervention and training to be provided to operators, where needed, during a production run.


The software enables individual component costs to be input during the recipe programming step (ingredients, as well as extras, which may not be weighed such as sauce added per pack or even packaging costs) to give a true cost per unit produced as well as the cost of giveaway product.


At the end of each production run, a full detailed report is automatically emailed to a registered email address (which could be a group) providing a detailed analysis of the production data.  This data is broken down into each scale/operator/KPI looking at giveaway and speed.  There is a summary at the end of the report, which combines all the data to give you a live cost for that batch run.


If the customer wants to track through an RFID system, then all the fobs can be set up, named and given access through the M.C.H to allow simple set up and quick operator changes.

MiWeigh Wizard

The user-friendly MiWeigh Wizard software is for setting up new product recipes simply.  All product costs, targets, tolerances, KPIs and images can be setup remotely and saved to a hard drive.  The created recipes are sent directly to the Master Control Hub with this software.  This will load the newly created recipe in the recipe management tool, ready for operator selection locally at the Master Control Hub.

The HUB is accessed via a programmed Key Fob.  You can track any changes that have been made and by whom.

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a 12" touch screen holding integrated license free software.  There is unlimited program storage within the program.

The control cubicle is IP67 rated and has a Stainless Steel construction.  The HUB is wall mounted as standard however we also offer a frame mounted solution, and even a bespoke option is available on request.

Production hardware - MiWeigh Scales

MiWeigh offer both Positive and Negative (takeaway) weighing solutions, which are ergonomically designed scales that can be in both mobile or static formats. These scales can be positioned along any chain and peg, flat belt or modular packing conveyor.  Positive or Negative scales can be placed in any position giving ultimate flexibility to the production line.


All our IP67 factory hardware boast an operator HMI which provides a simple visual cue to the operator for product types and weights.  The HMI also acts as a simple visual traffic light system for over and under weights.  The traffic light system is based on pre-set tolerances saved in the recipe manager to manage the operator as effective as possible.

Positive Weigh Cell

The Positive MiWeigh scale enables the operator to add product based on a pre-set target weight into a tray, punnet or package.  The HMI screen acts as a visual display for the target weight, traffic light weight management system and customer images can be added for product types and product locations, which removes the need for physical product display cards, removing paper from the production environment.  The Positive scale is programmed to auto tare after each correct weight, this is ideal for messy product environments.  The screen as acts as a manual tare if required via the operator.  The Positive Scale has repeat pack prevention software installed  to avoid a pack being constantly weighed and not placed on the line.  The scale will then go into a pre-set lockdown time set up through the recipe.

Intuitive Traffic Light System

The Scales run a very visual Traffic Light System.  Displaying both the actual weight and colour to aid efficient production.  The cells also have a high-speed settling time (circa 100ms).

Hygienic Design

Both of the scales have removable plates for easy cleaning and all glands are waterproof.

Negative Weigh Cell

The Negative MiWeigh scale also uses the same intuitive HMI system with a simple traffic light manager to indicate to the operator when the correct portion weight is taken from the weigh pan.  The frame has been designed to sit over a production line so the operator can just place the product into the tray with minimal movement from their position giving maximum speed from the process.

Both the Positive and Negative load cells are Ultrafast and extremely Accurate, they work to less than 1g tolerance on the load cells maximum weighing capacity.  The settle time for the load cell is circa 150m/s with environmental filters included to ensure accuracy, which is much quicker than any competitor systems.


All scales offer a RFID system to track the operator rather than a scale in cases where its crucial to monitor an operator if they move.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Batch reporting

  • Live visual of activity

  • Live data trails

  • Historical batch reporting

Dial into the system and view from a control office, make live changes and send to shop floor production areas.

Generate batch reports and print.

Bespoke projects are undertaken to improve pack house efficiencies.  These include systems to handle, convey and weigh boxes or crates with pre-filled punnets to allow verification of the box bulk weight.  Inspection conveyors allow operators to carry out quality control of the produce prior to high speed single or twin lane heat sealing.  Pack weights can be checked using individual MiWeigh station scales and once boxes or crates are empty they are automatically taken away to a box stacker to feed an automated case packing system.  The MiWeigh scales communicate with a main control including the high-speed heat sealer

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