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Positive Scales

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MiWeigh Mini

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Negative Scales



MiWeigh is an award-winning, intelligent, performance management tool designed to improve the process of weighing food products into trays.  The MiWeigh range of productivity improvement solutions for packaging operations incorporate weighing and material handling technology.  With the goal of maximising productivity, the hardware and software are used to monitor operator performance.  This provides a real time visual management tool to aid decision-making and improve pack consistency with a clear, quick return on investment.

The MiWeigh software produces batch data and offers live data across each individual/scale and per product in a visual form showing; speed, accuracy and giveaway for each scale/operator and combined total.

Product costs for each item can be loaded in the recipe and KPIs can be set for individuals.  This then gives live performance data continually to line leaders or manager of operator and line efficiency.

Minimum requirements to install and operate our MiWeigh system is as follows:

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