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Intelligently designed stainless steel construction positive weigh scale with integrated visual 4” HMI touch screen. Hygienically designed for wash downs IP68 rated (except screen IP66) with hygienic glands. The high accuracy scales are IP69K rated and fully sealed. The scale can be filtered for better accuracy and is designed to settle at circa 150ms dependant on the target weight and product. The scale only requires one connection, which includes the 24V low usage supply and data line. The scale only acts as a slave to the Master Control Hub to take out any operator error on set up. The HMI presents the operator with basic details and traffic light management system to achieve the target weights set, it also has a visual product display which removes the need for product display cards. The screen also acts as a tare function button when required.
The standard frame is designed with an operating table and has an in built loading area for a standard 600 x 400 raw material box. Bespoke frames can be designed at customer request.
The scale features:

  • Visual display of product

  • Target weight/Tolerance

  • Actual Weight

  • Red, Amber, Green – Traffic light visual

  • Number of packs achieved

Maximum Weight Loading: 10kg (Including box weigh pan)
Scale Accuracy: 1g

Positive MiWeigh station.292.png

Positive Scales

Mini MiWeigh addition.jpg

MiWeigh Mini

Negative cell.295.png

Negative Scales



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