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Our Virtual Reality environment provides a user-centered, first-person perspective that enables our customers to see a new processing and packing line modelled into their factory before it is manufactured.


The technology we use allows you to remove or reposition elements of the line and visualise how this changes the process and the way operators interact with it. You can add avatar operators next to the line to calculate how much space you need and understand how the process will function in real life.  Walk up and down the line in our virtual world and see if it is really specified to your requirements, before anything is manufactured.

And finally once the design is fixed and the equipment is in manufacture, us virtual reality to look inside your new machines, see the components and familiarise yourself and your team before the line is installed.

vr cave.png
matt codd in vr room.png

This could be you…..this is a customer having a walk around his new packaging line - this one included tray denesters, sauce filling machines,  a twin lane 10m chain and peg conveyor with over head IP67 power sockets, buffer conveyors, a converging conveyor, a Revolution high speed tray sealer with custom guarding, check weighing and metal detecting machine, a labelling machine and a Lazy Susan table for final collection of completed packs.


Nick with Hololens and mini miweigh.320.
Nick with Hololens.319.jpg

WORKING SMARTER WITH MIXED REALITY, we are embracing new technology to push us further.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve. 

With the Hololens 2 we can learn better and faster.  We are improving our training programs with our workforce and with our customers alike.  With our guides, we can teach anyone maintenance procedures for all of our machines. 

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