The top 5 advantages of tray sealing

Thinking about how best to package a new product? Don’t know where to start?

Launching a new product can be daunting. Here at PA, we recognise the needs of businesses who may be thinking about tray sealing their products for the first time and know there are a lot of decisions to make with many questions.

Tray sealing offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to packing your products using a preformed tray and a film or foil lid. A hermetic air tight seal is produced that provides protection for the food product and prevents contamination.

Tray sealing offers optimal packaging for wide variety of products including fresh produce, soft fruit, fish, seafood, meat, chicken, ready meals, snacks, and convenience foods.

We offer help and support to get you started, including machine hire offers, free use of our test and development kitchen, free trials facility and advice on choosing packaging materials including alternatives to plastic packaging solutions.

Do you have a question about a packaging material? Do you need support with providing a plastic alternative packaging solution? Our expert seal technologist is on hand to answer your questions and offer advice. Contact us for more information - or visit Simon’s LinkedIn page -

Here we have listed the top 5 advantages of tray sealing to help explain the advantages.

1. Longer product shelf life

We know that “shelf life” matters and packing your products into trays means that the shelf life of your products can be extended. The longer you can keep your food fresh, the easier it is to ship, store and sell. Using a technique called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) within the tray sealing process, we are able to extend the shelf life of various food products meaning that products can remain on sale on the shelf for longer for consumers to buy. The process involves the air inside the pack being replaced with gas typically oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen which can massively increase the shelf life of a product. Gas mixtures can be adjusted and trials can take place in our test kitchen.

2. Improved product presentation

Tray sealing gives the ability to customise your tray and film and present products in an aesthetically pleasing way meaning that on the shelf product presentation can be improved. The use of printed films allows marketing techniques with branding as well as information about the company and product to be visible and benefits the customer with reduced costs of things like labels. Our test kitchen facility offers customers the opportunity to produce sample presentation packs for the retailers prior to product launches.

3. Greater product protection

If your product is destined for supermarket shelves then tray sealing could be the best option you. Tray sealed packs are sturdier than packs sealed by other methods aiding transportation and storage and therefore reducing wastage due to damaged packs.

4. Environmental benefits

Tray sealing your products with us brings numerous environmental benefits. We have a range of environmentally friendly tray sealers that are fully electric as they operate without using any compressed air helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

We work closely with all packaging suppliers and are here to help you face the challenge of developing eco-friendly packaging for your products. This includes free use of our packaging trial, test and development facility, and advice on choosing the most appropriate packaging materials including trays and film alternatives to plastic packaging solutions. Read more -

5. Flexibility

Tray sealing offers flexibility and enables customers to maximize their investment with the cost outlay and footprint of only one machine and tool which services a range of different products using the same tray. Alternative trays can be packed on the same machine with a simple and quick tool change to suit each product.

Flexible payment options are available including hire and lease options.