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Established back in 1963...

To understand what makes us the business we are today, it helps if you know a few things about our past...

Packaging Automation Limited was established as 'designers and manufacturers of special purpose machinery' on the 16th May 1963 by Arthur Penn. Nearly 60 years later, the business is still owned and managed by the Penn family and is still very much involved in the design and manufacture of machinery.

Arthur could not have forseen in 1963, the changes that would take place over the coming 50 odd years.  Nor could he have predicted the huge demand for machines and in particular packaging machines that these changes would create.

PA has grown and developed with this demand but still retains the same principles that Arthur had in 1963 - a passion for invention, innovation and engineering.

PA History 1998 - 2003
PA History 1994 - 1998
PA History 1968 - 1980
PA History 1964-1968
PA History 1955-1963

Arthur Penn registers Packaging Automation Ltd on the 16th May 1963

Machine 1... actually Machine 101 as it was named

Cheadle Light Engineering

Dreaming up new ideas

Customer requests flooding in

Anthony Penn joins his fathers company

Golden Wonder approach PA to help with a new product idea - the Pot Noodle

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Company Re-Brand

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High speed Vision 2000 was launched

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Anthony Penn is appointed Chairman

PA History 1989 - 1993

The PA231 was unveiled at the PPMA Show

Anthony Penn becomes Managing Director

Acquisition of Volumet 

Volumet range is re-designed and re-launched

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Factory re-location to Knutsford together with another re-brand

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High speed Vision 2000 machine is launched

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Anthony Penn takes the role of Chairman

PA Fabrications was born

Another Re-brand to the current style

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Launch of the Vison 182 and Vision 4000 machines

PA History 2003 - 2012
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