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Introducing the worlds most efficient single lane tray sealer capable of sealing up to 250 ppm in a single lane format  -  the



Four years in Research and Development working alongside food producers and manufacturers,  Packaging Automation Ltd have challenged industry limits to create the latest and most advanced machine ever developed by #TeamPA.  

Challenging industry limits Packaging Automation Ltd have managed to create a seismic shift with the production of our most technically advanced machine which basically runs itself.

  • Capable of sealing in excess of 250pppm in a single lane format

  • No need for expensive converging conveyors

  • One continuous motion ensure a constant stream of packs

  • Precision control meaning zero damage to delicate produce and packs

  • Consistently strong seal

  • HMI integrated coder controls

  • Perfect date coding at full speed

  • Intuitive LED guidance system

  • Minimal operator input

evolutionS title for website.png
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