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A father and son team!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

In the second article in our ‘It’s a Family Affair‘ series we spoke to Andy Gee and his son Ellis who both work at Packaging Automation.

Andy joined #TeamPA in 2020, as Technical Sales Support working with the Sales Team and in our Test Kitchen on research and development. Andy’s son Ellis, joined #TeamPA just four months later.

With some great examples of father and son teams working together successfully in the same business: Kirk and Michael Douglas, Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, Peter and Kasper Schmeichel … we asked Andy and Ellis what it’s really like working together and here’s what they said….

What is it like working with family?

Here’s what Andy told us: Actually, it’s great, on the one hand I can have a moan at him, and he can’t escape! But seriously, he has a good sense of humour so it’s always a happy journey to and from work and it gives us time to chat about work and how he’s getting on. I also get to know the progress of the parts I may need in the test kitchen and can sometimes push him to get things done quicker!

And this what Ellis said: I tend to agree, it’s great that I can bond with him over work and communicate better throughout work. On the downside, I now spend way too much time with him!

Has it been helpful working together during the global pandemic?

Ellis commented, “What has been amazing is that we have both been able to continue working during the pandemic and not everyone can say that. We both feel really lucky!”

Andy commented: “Although we work for PA, we are in different buildings, but we always manage to catch up in the evening over dinner if not in the car on the way home. Ellis is a typical 18 year old and thinks of nothing but cars, which we share an interest in together, I can see Ellis working for PA for a long time because I know he is really enjoying his job.

It’s great to see this close relationship continues and our thanks to them both for sharing their working experiences with us.

Coming next in our Family Affair series: Deon and Simon Wilson and we find out whether they are brothers in arms or sibling rivals.

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