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A first for the UK!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

New to the UK and now available in Marks & Spencer food aisles – SkinPac smoked salmon packed on a flat board – all thanks to the development team at PA.

From source to plate, PA’s revolutionary SkinPac format keeps fish products fresh and protected and with outstanding product presentation offers an attractive environmentally friendly packaging solution.

The skin pack system of sealing wraps the film around the product and seals to the surface of the board offering high visibility vacuum packs aimed at improving shelf life, better product quality and a reduction in packaging with the use of a flat board rather than a tray.

The benefits of SkinPac are clear to see...

• Product stays fresh for longer

• Attractive product presentation

• Outstanding product protection which secures the product in place for upright shelf stacking

• Easy opening peel tab

• Fully hermetic seal prevents leakage

With vast experience of handling many types of food packaging and an impressive network of packaging suppliers, our Seal Technologist can guide you through the development of new packaging concepts and carry out trials in our fully equipped test facility.

PA‘s range of machines can be used for both traditional tray sealing and skin packing. One machine can facilitate both packaging formats providing a quick return on investment and flexibility.

• All tray materials can be accommodated – pulp board, paper board, CPET, APET, RPET, PP, Foil

• Protruding product can be skin packed

• Proven tool technology

• Suitable for all types of food products - fish, meat, dairy, game and poultry, snacks and ready meals, as well as non-food/industrial and medical applications


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