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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

It is often said that coping in times of difficulty can bring out the best in us all and this has certainly been true during the 2020 pandemic.

At Packaging Automation (PAL) the team pulled out all the stops to support a long-time existing customer who supplies the NHS with filters for ventilators - a vital piece of kit for treating patients in intensive care with Coronavirus and other life-threatening illnesses. The client naturally turned to PAL with the need to not only manage the increased demand for filters but with an immediate sense of urgency for a quick turnaround and our team did not let them down.

Another fine example and a client of PAL is Be-YOU a food company that produces Italian balanced fresh meals at NoWFOOD, University of Chester, who donated 100 meals to NHS staff at the Countess of Chester Hospital over Easter to support NHS staff fighting the Corona virus and there are many examples of such stories but the common and much forgotten thread is that collaboration, team work and partnership play an important role in making these things happen.

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme is another example of partnership work; a campaign specific to the North of England designed to boost the local economy through investment in skills, innovation, transport, and culture.

Whether it is the family support behind Sir Captain Tom Moore’s epic achievement, the production team at Be You or one of the teams at Packaging Automation, it is clear we can all do more when we work together.

Neil Ashton, MD at PAL, commented: “Partnership work and collaboration has always been an integral part of our company ethos and we recognise the role that each and every one of our team, stakeholders and partners play in helping us to achieve business success. It is only with this commitment that we have been able to continue to support the NHS and the food sector during these difficult times.”

But at PAL partnership work does not stop there!

We are delighted to support NoWFOOD a centre of excellence supporting food businesses from product development to nutritional testing and market feedback, based at the University of Chester. NoWFOOD offers a comprehensive package of support helping to nurture young food businesses as well as provide research and support for established food and drink manufacturers looking to scale up. PAL have provided NoWFOOD with an Eclipse 182 tray sealer on a complimentary long loan basis since 2016. This semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer with great outputs is perfect for start-up businesses sealing up to four packs at a time giving a maximum output of 40 packs per minute.

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