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AMK Fresh Services

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Client: AMK Fresh Services

Founded in 1931 in Murcia, Spain, AMK FRESH is a world leader in fresh, natural and healthy food with a consolidated presence in the production and innovation of fresh food products including fresh fruit, fresh juices, ice cream, soups, free-from yogurt and flowers and operations in more than 50 countries.

The company has more than 100 patented varieties of fruit and owns renowned leading varietal development programs in citrus, table grape, pomegranates, kakis and other fruit varieties.

The Challenge: development of a new environmentally friendly pack house

An innovative, forward thinking company with the environment and positive change at the heart of the operation and a sustainability strategy at the heart of their mission, AMK Fresh Services reached out to Packaging Automation when developing their new factory site in Peterborough.

Keen to manage their business growth efficiently, it was equally important to AMK Fresh Services to reduce their environmental impact. With a mission to work towards achieving 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging as well as improve energy efficiencies, the Packaging Automation Team were eager to help.

Supplying packaged grapes to leading supermarkets, the team at PA knew that the solution had to be quick and efficient, to deliver maximum efficiencies but be kind to the environment too.

The solution was simple : the high speed, fully automatic twin lane Revolution XL

This twin lane, fully electric, twin bed tray sealer is energy efficient incorporating POWERDRIVE technology which eliminates the need for compressed air. They are designed with energy saving components and standby mode to minimise energy usage during operation. Novel technology provides quiet machine operation, on screen clear visual performance indicators and web based live OEE production data.

The Result: Maximum outputs

With six Revolution XL twin lane machines installed in the AMK Fresh Services Peterborough site, the customer now achieves maximum outputs of 180 packs per minute whilst reducing their energy consumption too.

AMK Fresh Services are now achieving outputs of 50,000 cases of grapes in a 24hour period averaging approx. 220,000 -2 50,000 cases per week.

Kevin at AMK Fresh commented: “ The quality and speed of PA machines is excellent and the ease of use for operatives is superb. These machines allow us the flexibility an operation of this size needs, giving us the scalability we want, whilst minimising any potential downtime with the quick and easy tool changeovers. We are very happy with the results.”


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