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Attracting Young Talent

17 year old Blaise Gibbons recently joined Packaging Automation for work experience as part of his college course at Lymm High School where he is currently studying Maths, Physics, and Biology.

With just 1 week to experience as much as possible we put Blaise in the capable hands of Tanya Westenraad, Engineering Design Manager, who started her career at Packaging Automation as an Apprentice herself and also with Beth Greenway in the Purchasing Team.

Blaise spent some time with a number of the mechanical design engineers, with Aurel discussing a new concept design and the step by step process involved. Blaise displayed a good understanding and followed what was being shown. Henry showed Blaise around the business and the flow of design to manufacture to final product.

He then spent the rest of the week with Aurel giving him training on the design software. Blaise picked things up so quickly, he was able to CAD up his own Starwars key ring and 3D print it by Thursday!

We asked Blaise how the week had gone, here’s what he told us: ‘It’s been good, and it’s been helpful. I wanted to find out more about purchasing and design‘

Tanya Westenraad, Engineering Design manager commented: “Blaise is a very intelligent young man and has shown great interest as well as being a being a pleasure to have with us.”

We hope Blaise enjoyed his experience and look forward to welcoming another youngster next for her work experience.


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