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Behind the scenes with our very own IT Crowd!

This month we went behind the scenes to shine a spotlight on the IT team, and we asked a series of questions to help us find out more about them…

Overall, what does your team do? The IT team are the first line of support at PA for technical queries. Everything from all our servers to the kettle plus everything in between - yes, we have been asked to attend to a non-working kettle in the past 😊 The IT team is a small but perfectly formed team headed up by Alan Henderson and consists of the following members:

Anthony Barlow Gareth Worth

Libbie Bridle - IT Apprentice How does the IT Team contribute to the business?

The IT team are ultimately tasked with ensuring other PA team members are able to do their jobs where there is tech involved, so you could say the keep the business running.

With remote working becoming more common during the last couple of years we have been involved in many projects to facilitate this way of working which is relatively new to PA but now quite common. What does everyone do in their spare time? Libbie - Loves spending time with friends. This usually consists of going on nights out and seeing live music & DJs.

Gareth - Likes to go to the Gym.

Anthony - Enjoys taking Dexter the dog for walks and has recently spent quite a bit of time converting many hours of old videos of the family from 8mm, VHS-C and Mini DV to the laptop.

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to our IT Team for the vital role they play in keeping the business running and the kettle working!


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