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Berry Gardens

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The Client: Berry Gardens at AR Neaves & Sons

The Neaves family, now in their third generation, have been growing fruit since 1941 and since the expansion and the investment of the packing facility in 2016, they have become an established player in the supply of UK Cherries.

The Challenge: Stalk in Seal

For cherry packers in particular “stalk in seal” is a common problem when transferring and sealing on most tray sealing machinery caused by the aggressive movements of the pack on transfer, stepping and sealing.

The Solution: Revolution Heat Sealer

AR Neaves & Sons opted for PA’s high speed, fully electric Revolution heat sealer, which was the most advanced and innovative tray sealing machine. The Revolution incorporates patented motion control technology which means that the in-feed of the pack is always smooth and stable reducing fruit movement in the trays with a seamless transfer prior to seal.

In their own words: “the ‘stalk in seal’ entrapment has reduced by over 26% after the Revolution was installed, this gave us much better overall efficient and a huge reduction in reworked packs during the season”

The Result: Faster and more efficient sealing.

PA reduced the “stalk in seal” issue by 26%, reduced unplanned downtime by up to 90% and tool warm up times are now up to 36% quicker.

"My experience with PA has been fantastic, the service, support and response times have been brilliant, which ever team we talk to the team are helpful, pleasant and always endeavour to meet our requirements, I’m more confident that we made the right decision as we plan to begin the new season".

A R Neaves & Sons

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