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Beyond Food - Versatility is the name of the game

While Packaging Automation has long been recognised for its expertise in food packaging solutions, our tray and heat sealers and pot fillers are proving to be invaluable across a wide range of non-food industries, including household, cosmetics, and beyond.

Expanding Horizons

At Packaging Automation, innovation has always been in our DNA. Our journey began with food packaging, but we quickly realised that the principles and technologies we've perfected in that domain can be applied to a vast array of non-food products as well. Subsequently, our tray and heat sealers and pot fillers have found their place in industries we never initially imagined.

Household Products: Secure and Convenient Packaging

From detergents and cleaning supplies to hardware and tools, household products require packaging that is not only secure but also convenient for consumers.

Packaging Automation's tray sealers excel at creating tamper-evident and leak-proof seals, ensuring that these products reach customers in pristine condition.

Additionally, the precise filling capabilities of our machines guarantee accurate product measurements, reducing waste and saving costs.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Elegance Meets Efficiency

Cosmetic and personal care products demand packaging that not only preserves their quality but also showcases their elegance.

Our pot fillers are perfectly suited for filling creams, lotions, and cosmetics into jars with precision and finesse.

The result is a product presentation that enhances brand image and customer satisfaction.

Pharmaceuticals: Precision and Compliance

In the pharmaceutical industry, precision, hygiene, and compliance are non-negotiable.

Our tray and heat sealers and pot fillers meet these high standards effortlessly.

Whether it's sealing blister packs with medications or equipment, filling containers with pharmaceutical creams, our machines ensure accuracy, security, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Benefits Beyond Boundaries

The benefits of utilising Packaging Automation's tray and heat sealers and pot fillers extend far beyond their adaptability to various non-food sectors:

1. Precision & Consistency - Our machines are engineered for accuracy, ensuring that every product is packaged consistently, reducing waste and saving costs.

2. Tamper Evidence & Security - Tamper-evident seals offer peace of mind to customers, enhancing trust in your brand.

3. Speed & Efficiency - high-speed sealing and filling capabilities boost productivity and meet demanding production schedules.

4. Versatile Packaging Options – Our machines accommodate various container sizes, shapes, and materials, providing flexibility in packaging design.

5. Regulatory Compliance - whether it’s specific requirements for pharmaceuticals or safety standards for cosmetics, our machines are built to meet or exceed industry regulations.

6. Brand Enhancement - The quality of packaging can impact consumer perception. Our machines ensure that your products look their best on the shelf, enhancing brand image.

7. Reduced Environmental Impact - Precise filling minimizes product wastage, contributing to sustainability goals.

Unlocking Potential

Packaging Automation's tray sealers and pot fillers have transcended their initial purpose and are now at the forefront of diverse industries.

The adaptability, precision, and efficiency make these machines the go-to choice for non-food products that demand quality packaging. Whether you're in household, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or any other industry, our machines are poised to meet your unique packaging needs.

Contact us today to explore how we can unlock the potential of your products through versatile and efficient packaging solutions.


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