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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Client: Branston

supply a wide range of fresh potatoes, seed potatoes, processing potatoes and ready prepared potatoes to customers, from retailers and wholesalers to some of the UK's favourite snack brands.

The Challenge: Expansion

When Branston UK were looking to expand their range , they were already using heat seal technology but saw the Packaging Automation Revolution and were particularly impressed with the technology, especially the interpolation on the in-feed, cycle speed and the fully electric nature of the machine.

The Revolution is a high speed energy efficient single lane tray sealing machine and features PA’s Powerdrive™ fully electric technology. Interpolated multi axis robotic motion ensures a continuous flow of trays through the machine from infeed to outfeed eliminating any need for pauses or buffering allowing the throughput of up to 150 packs per minute. The seal force has been increased by 300% compared to pneumatic systems however PA’s novel technology allows the tool lift mechanism to be deactivated during the seal process therefore significantly reducing the energy usage.

The Result: Increased efficiencies and lower costs

Tom Britton, Branston said “PA have helped us to change our business, we have a great partnership. Their approach to the project made it possible; we have already increased our efficiencies and lowered our cost per unit with very little downtime on the machine. The operating system is easy to use, we have a number of non-English speaking workers and they have no problem using the equipment, I would recommend PA to other companies.”

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