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Celebrating long service

Established in 1963, we are very proud of our family business and the fact that Packaging Automation has been around for nearly 60 years, but we know that none of that would be possible without the support and commitment of our incredible #TeamPA, some of whom have been with us for a very long time!

Whilst we do celebrate long service awards, we don’t always take time to share our colleagues’ stories so, with the help of our lovely Dorothy Wainscott, HR / H&S Manager, we set about reaching out and interviewing those members of #TeamPA with over 25 years’ service about their experience during those years and what changes they have experienced.

Over the coming weeks we will share with you their stories and it seems only fitting that we start with Dorothy herself who has been with us since 1999! Others in the series will include:

Nick Brindley, Project Co-ordinator

Garry Purslow, Machine Shop Team Leader

Andrew Brooks Wild, CNC and Manual Miller

Sam Ashton, Commercial Director

Simon Wilson, Seal Technologist

Howard Taylor, Stores Assistant

Gary Hartley, Technical Publications Manager

Paul Butler, Tool Design Engineer

From technological advances to a more open and consultative culture with other colleagues name checked for their invaluable support, their stories certainly make interesting reading!

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