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Complete Line Solutions

With nearly 60 years’ experience offering packaging solutions, we know a thing or two when it comes to tray sealing and pot filling and we understand

that a tray sealing, or pot filling machine rarely stands alone in a production facility.

With our extensive database of trusted, tried and tested suppliers, we can help bring your packing line plans to life, working with you to find the equipment you need to achieve the final pack for your products.

Whether it’s tray denesters, conveyors, filling and weighing solutions, sealers, cappers, coders, labellers, sleevers, check weighers and metal detectors we can introduce you to the best options.

We will support you every step of the way with our knowledge and experience providing a responsive solution with one point of contact.

Small scale / start- up production

If you are new to packing food or have never used tray sealers or pot fillers before, don’t worry, we will guide you through the process of specifying and installing a tray sealer or pot filler into your factory including advising on air and power requirements. With the support of our Test Kitchen and our expert Seal Technologist Simon Wilson, you are in safe hands, we’ll even run trials and produce sample packs for you!

Medium scale production

If you are expanding an existing facility or bringing automation into a packing line our projects team can support you through the process of specifying and installing the required equipment including tray sealers, pot fillers and ancillary equipment such as date coders, conveyors, weighers and collation tables.

Large scale production facility

For complex automated packing line projects, our team can support with identifying suppliers, sourcing equipment and co-ordinating the installation and commissioning of the line. We will work with you to understand your production demands, packaging material requirements, manufacturing environment and budget constraints.

To find out more contact or call: 01565 756555


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