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evolution S - born from an obsession to develop and improve

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

After 4 years in development this machine is by far the most technically advanced machine we have ever produced. Using new Syncro technologies the evolution S optimises every operation required to seal a tray, accurately, reliably and efficiently.

It’s a bold move to attempt something that’s never been done before with such a high degree of engineering complexity but Packaging Automation’s Head of R&D, Dave Woolrich, could already see the huge potential benefits even from concept stage.

From the point of design concept, what followed was a series of development leaps which were submitted to multiple stages of rigorous testing and redesign.

This machine does the thinking for you and has been designed for ease of use during operation. But also, and as importantly, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance attention has been paid in the design to making this as simple as possible.

The evolution S is a machine unlike any other in the industry!

Coming soon …. our latest machine … evolution S


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