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Go Green with a fully automatic tray sealer

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

With the introduction of a new product line, this Mexican grower saw an opportunity to improve their carbon footprint and product quality. To meet growing demand for eco-friendly packaging options, they needed a packaging solution that wouldn’t interfere with current operations but could also be scaled for other product lines.

The solution needed to be innovative, scalable, industry-leading, and eco-friendly.

Packaging Automation partner in USA, Mexico and Canada, Crawford Packaging, suggested upgrading to the Packaging Automation Eclipse SL4 Motion, giving the grower the potential to use over 15% less plastic and pack produce at speeds up to 80 packs per minute.

The results were fantastic: with a 15% reduction in plastic consumption, the grower can now drastically reduce their overall waste — and save money simultaneously; and reduced labour too - prior to using the SL4, each clamshell package had to be manually closed by a line worker. Now, thanks to the automation of the top sealing, labour can be better used in other areas of the grower’s facilities.

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