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Greenhouse Grower in Ontario Canada.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The Client: Greenhouse Grower in Ontario Canada.

The Challenge: Move to automation

The Grower was in the middle of expanding and was concerned about the capital outlay of a tray seal machine when they contacted Crawford Packaging, our partner in USA, Canada and Mexico

They were also packing their tomatoes in plastic clamshells by hand, which is labour intensive and employees were only able to pack an average of 30 clamshells per minute.

The Revolution can pack up to 200 packs per minute, making it the fastest top sealer on the market. The tooling can be changed in just 2 minutes by using interchangeable parts and a programmable interface. Tray sealing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution. Tray seal packaging also uses up to 25% less packaging material than traditional clamshell packaging.

With an option to buy using the Buy It Right programme, capital outlay was avoided.

The Result: Increased productivity and reduced packaging waste

The Grower has been able to increase packaging productivity by 166.67% with rates of 80 packs per minute and has experienced a 25% reduction in plastic packaging.

It has also meant packing labour has been reduced by 50% and throughput has been increased too.

For further information on packaging option or the buy it right programme, please click here.

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