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Helping the fish sector achieve improved production speeds

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Customer sources, processes and supplies some of the finest Scottish smoked salmon to customers around the world.

The Challenge: Expansion

They first approached Packaging Automation they were looking for support to help them produce packaging to present to a leading supermarket.

Making full use of the PA Test Kitchen and their packaging expertise, we sourced, trialled and tested various packaging formats including clear plastic trays, lined board packs and our very own PA SkinPac on board to find the best option, providing the customer with various samples to present.

The buying team at a leading supermarket were immediately impressed with the SkinPac on flatboard option and several months were then spent further testing and sealing samples of smoked salmon.

With expert knowledge of the seafood sector, the PA Team were confident that the Eclipse SL4 SkinPac option would give the optimum production speeds they required.

Thanks to the unique Packaging Automation technology we use on our SkinPac machines, Packaging Automation has the only machine on the market capable of achieving these cycle speeds.

The Result: Improved production speeds and maximum output

With a machine capable of 9-10 cycles per minute, the customer now has maximum output with improved production speeds and not least, a very happy leading retailer client with a new pack format the first in the UK - SkinPac smoked salmon packed on a flat board.

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