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Het Packhuys installs three top seal lines at VGK Cool Logistics to trayseal grapes

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Customer: VGK Cool Logistics

Dutch company, VGK Cool Logistics is a young and ambitious service provider specialising in the logistics of fruit & vegetable import.

The Challenge: Compact space but covid compliant

VGK Cool Logistics relocated at the beginning of the year. "To a larger, newer, more modern building. They wanted a practical line that's as compact as possible but taking into consideration the COVID-19 regulations.

"It became a really customized job," says Het Packhuys' Jan Molenaar. "Everything had to be done in fairly short order. That was very challenging. But, in the end, we achieved a great result together." All three lines are now in full production. And, according to Etienne, all are running exceptionally well.

VGK opted for a top seal machine to package grapes. "We can greatly reduce plastic use with this kind of packaging. That's compared to clamshell packaging. Top sealing is also perfect for checking the quality," says Etienne. "The top seal line is actually a complete system," Jan says. "It sets up the punnets and transports the empty box away."

"The trays of grapes arrive in boxes. The trays are removed from the box and put on a conveyor belt. This supplies the machine. The empty box is then transported to the end of the conveyor belt. There the sealed trays can be packed back into it. For the B-product, there's a separate belt that transports the trays to a turntable. So, you can work very efficiently," he explains.

The customer commented:

“We connected well with Het Packhuys. That's one of the main reasons we decided to work with them. You get a good feeling and trust someone. That's when, for us, the choice is made. Het Packhuys also offers excellent service. They're flexible and acted very quickly too. They met all our wishes. We're very grateful for that. Now we can continue to unburden our partners," concludes Etienne.


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