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His legacy lives on ...

In the early hours of Saturday 11 March 2023, owner and Chairman of Packaging Automation, Anthony Penn passed away after a short illness, he died peacefully with his family at his side.

Packaging Automation was established in 1963 by Arthur Penn and in 1968 Anthony, the eldest of four siblings, joined his father in the business, going on to become Managing Director in 1990 and then stepping into the role of Chairman in 1998. He continued to play an active role in the business right up until March 2023, paying regular visits to the factory and taking the time to chat to colleagues.

Anthony’s legacy will live on, he was a great engineer (becoming a chartered engineer at the age of 25), an innovator and was passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to future generations. Through the apprenticeship scheme which Anthony established in the 1980s, the business has trained more than 100 engineers. He was a great man who will be sadly missed.

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