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Improving packaging speeds and efficiency in the meat sector

The Client: One of the leading food manufacturing companies in Europe, producing great quality, great value food with a strong UK presence in poultry, chilled and bakery food categories.

The Challenge: Achieve extended shelf life

This long standing PA customer with several PA machines across multiple sites, approached the team at PA when looking to start supplying the hospitality and retail sectors.

The Solution: Revolution Tray Sealer

The solution was the Revolution fully electric automatic tray sealer which uses motion control technology to provide high speed output with quick tool changes. Incorporating POWERDRIVE technology, there is no requirement for a compressed air supply.

It can be used to seal reel fed film to pre-formed trays and can be configured to use MAP-F gas flushing, full MAP-V vacuum and SkinPAC for extended shelf life.

Dependent on the tray size it can seal up to six packs at a time giving a maximum output of 150 packs per minute.

The Result: Speed and efficiency

With the installation of the Revolution high speed fully automatic tray sealer this customer is now achieving packing speeds of 100 packs per minute.

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