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Machine Round Up – June 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

June has been another busy month for orders and dispatches and with exciting news coming soon we don’t envisage the pace will slow down any time soon.

Here's just some of the machines leaving us during June…

Here are three heated tool racks on their way to Devon.

This Eclipse R , fully electric semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer, is staying fairly local in Bredbury and packaging e-cigarettes.

This Eclipse 182 will be in London packaging Advent Calendars #adventcalendartraysealer

We had another Eclipse 182 going to Devon to pack Chocolate #chocolatetraysealer

These two Revolution tray sealers are going to Poland to tray seal soft fruit. #softfruittraysealer

The Revolution is a fully electric automatic tray sealer using motion control technology to provide high speed output with quick tool changes giving a maximum output of 200 packs per minute.

Thanks to our partner Het Packhuys, we had another Revolution destined for the Netherlands to pack blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. #highspeedtraysealer #raspberrytraysealer #blueberriestraysealer #blackberriestraysealer #strawberriestraysealer

Thanks to our partner in Poland, Milbor , we had two Eclipse SL4s off to Poland where they will be packing blueberries and apples. #applestraysealer #blueberrytraysealer

The Eclipse SL4, fully automatic tray sealer, can seal up to 5 packs at a time giving a maximum output of 75 packs per minute.

This Eclipse is heading to Clitheroe to pack olives #olivestraysealer

And here’s the tool-rack off to Clitheroe too.

This Weighcell is heading to Scotland for seafood trials #seafoodweighing

This Eclipse SL4, full electric automatic tray sealer is en-route to the Netherlands to pack blackberries #blackberrytraysealer

And here’s a Revolution twin lane high speed fully electric automatic tray sealer, capable of achieving up to 25 cycles per minute sealing 8 trays at a time off to Clitheroe to pack olives #olivetraysealer

Wow, June was a busy month and looks like July is shaping up to be just the same.

To discover the full range of machines on offer please visit: or contact the sales team on 01565 756555


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