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Machine Round Up – May 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

As the soft fruit season gathers pace, orders continue to flood in for our MiWeigh factory efficient intelligent weighing system. Expect to hear more about this in coming months but in the meantime, here is a quick peek at just some of the machines leaving Packaging Automation in May 2021.

This Eclipse SL2 stayed local to us, it went to Manchester where it will be packing tofu. #traysealer #traysealing

The Eclipse range of entry level automatic machines offer a cost effective medium capacity option to those with a requirement to cut labour costs through the automation of a packing line.

This Eclipse SL4 is heading out to Poland to pack strawberries. #strawberrytraysealer #softfruittraysealer

The Eclipse SL4 is a fully electric automatic tray sealer combining medium speed output with quick tool changes and a compact space saving design. Incorporating POWERDRIVE technology, there is no requirement for a compressed air supply and dependant on the tray size it can seal up to 5 packs at a time giving a maximum output of 75 packs per minute.

Here is another Eclipse SL4 destined to pack strawberries but this time in the Netherlands.

This Eclipse R , fully electric, semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer. heading off to Australia to tray seal medical products. #Medicalproducttraysealer

And then we had the Revolution heading over to Poland to tray seal strawberries and cherries. With its high speed output with quick tool changes, it’s perfect for quick seasonal changeovers. #softfruittraysealer

To discover the full range of machines on offer please visit: or contact the sales team on 01565 756555


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