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Meet our Skinpac Expert – Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson joined #TeamPA in 1998 and is now our Seal Technologist working in our Test Kitchen on packaging development projects.

Located in the Packaging Automation trial facility at our factory in Knutsford, Cheshire, Simon offers customers the opportunity to carry out tests using their proposed packaging materials with their product incorporating the process steps they intend to use (MAP, SkinPAC, chill, freeze or cook) to verify the results prior to investment in machinery. Shelf ready pack concepts are then produced to validate pack integrity and for performance trials such as shelf life and transit trials.

As well as running trials, Simon guides customers through the development of new packaging concepts including selecting environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging and helps them access our vast database of packaging suppliers.

And when it comes to PA’s revolutionary SkinPac range, no-one knows more.

Simon explained SkinPac to us …SkinPac has a lot of benefits from longer shelf life to reduction in packaging. On our machines we are in control of the film at all times during the seal process. This enables us to take the film into different height profiles to suit the product. It also allows us to SkinPac varied products, including boned and shelled fish, due to the control of the film coming down over the product.”

With PA machines, the fastest and most energy efficient machines on the market, SkinPac can help keep fish products fresh and protected with outstanding product presentation offering an attractive environmentally friendly packaging solution.

The SkinPac system of sealing uses a highly transparent barrier film that wraps tightly around the product like a second skin and forms a seal with the bottom of the tray.

This pack format offers high visibility vacuum packs without the need to add gas to the pack. SkinPac can be used to achieve extended shelf life or to enhance the taste or colour of the product.

It can also result in plastic packaging reduction with the use of a flat board or shallower tray than would otherwise be possible.

Vacuum Skin Packaging in a preformed tray is the ideal solution for presenting fish and seafood, fresh or frozen, to the consumer.

A top film is sealed over the entirety of the interior surface of a preformed tray holding the product in place on the bottom of the tray. The smooth tight wrinkle free skin is sealed to the edge of the product providing optimum shelf life and great visuality.

Simon beleives the key benefits of SkinPac to be:

  • Extended shelf life

  • Easy to display

  • Protect delicate product from damage

  • Perfect for all irregular shapes and sizes

  • Improved product appearance

  • High product visibility

With vast experience of handling many types of food packaging and an impressive network of packaging suppliers, our Seal Technologist can guide you through the development of new packaging concepts and carry out trials in our fully equipped test facility.

PA‘s range of machines can be used for both tray sealing in atmospheric, map and skin packing. One machine can facilitate all packaging formats providing a quick return on investment and flexibility and all tray materials can be accommodated: paper board, plastic, foil.

For you free sample packs contact Simon on 01565 756555


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