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Minimising the impact of the global pandemic

The Client: is one of the largest UK e-liquid manufacturers providing companies around the world with premium e-liquids of exceptional flavour and quality.

The Challenge: minimising the impact of the global pandemic

The Covid-19 global pandemic resulted in many businesses reviewing their product offering and manufacturing processes and this client was no exception. They took vital steps to safeguard both the continuation of their services and the absolute safety of all their customers during this challenging time.

With potential supply chain issues, the client approached Packaging Automation with a view to manufacturing & packaging their products in the UK.

New to heat sealing, Seal Technologist Simon Wilson was happy to help and invited the clients’ team to bring some samples and run heat sealing trials in the PA Test Kitchen.

Simon also introduced them to some packaging suppliers so they could find the best fit for the product giving them the chance to make an informed decision once they had reviewed different packaging options. With trials complete the client was armed with sample packs to discuss internally.

The Solution: Eclipse 182

With trials and tests complete and packaging options reviewed, it was clear that the Eclipse 182 was the machine for the job. This semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer can be used to seal reel fed film or pre-cut lids to pre-formed trays and can seal up to four packs at a time giving a maximum output of 40 packs per minute.

The Result: perfect throughput

The results were clear, the client was now ready to start manufacturing and packaging in the UK.


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