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Moo Free

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Based in Devon, Moo Free is an ethical family business and British manufacturer making delicious dairy free chocolate which is also gluten free, soya free and certified vegan.

The Challenge: New to foil seal

With a member of the team having previous experience of working with Packaging Automation, when Moo Free made the decision to start producing dairy free chocolate advent calendars, they naturally turned to the team at Packaging Automation to help them find the best sealing machine option for their advent calendars.

The Solution: Eclipse R

Packaging Automation’s trial kitchen was able to demonstrate how the finished article would look for the team at Moo Free. As the team at Moo Free only required the machine for the seasonal advent calendar, the Eclipse R, fully electric semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer was clearly the machine solution, and the answer was clear – machine rental! The Eclipse R machine can be rented on a week by week basis and allows the flexibility of the use of the machine without the commitment of a minimum rental period.

The Result: Premium product fit for the supermarket shelves

Each year the team at Moo Free rent an Eclipse R in order to produce the advent calendars and keep the supermarkets stocked.

Simon March – Head of Engineering, Moo Free Chocolates. commented :

When looking for a solution for foil sealing our Moo Free Advent calendars, we approached PA. They assisted from start to finish with all design and tooling. Now each year, all we have to do is put the call in for our rental period and PA take care of the rest.

Each year it runs without fault and the one time we had a small issue, PA were on site next day to resolve the issue. We would highly recommend Packaging Automation to anyone seeking packing solutions.”

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