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Northcoast Seafoods

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Client: Northcoast Seafoods

was founded in 2000 and specialises in sourcing the finest prawns and whitefish products worldwide.

A specialist in processing frozen seafood products, Northcoast Seafoods is expanding at a rapid pace and acquired its long-standing packaging partner Ambassador in September 2018, aiming to take more control of production.

This was followed by the renovation of a 40,000 square feet processing plant in Grimsby to accommodate all of Northcoast Seafoods’ UK activities under one roof.

The Challenge: Packaging irregular shaped products

Northcoast Seafoods contacted Packaging Automation, experts in the field of packaging seafood, when they were experiencing issues packing lobster tails.

With an irregular shape and sharp edges, the frozen product was tearing the film during the packing and sealing process.

The Packaging Automation seafood team quickly realised that with limited packhouse space available to house the machinery, the answer was the Eclipse SL4 Tray Sealer with SkinPac

The Eclipse range of entry level automatic machines offer a cost effective medium capacity option to those with a requirement to cut labour costs through the automation of a packing line. Designed for frequent product changeovers, flexibility is offered with tool changes in minutes and recipe driven set up. Some machines within this range are fully electric and incorporate POWERDRIVE technology, therefore eliminating the requirement for a compressed air supply. Modified atmosphere (MAP-F and MAP-V) as well as SkinPac are all options on these machines.

The Result: Quadrupled throughput

With the SL4 this customer got a fast machine that would fit into a small space, and they quadrupled throughput from 6 packs per minute to 24 packs per minute.

Northcoast Seafoods commented, “As a business we needed to improve our packs per minute on our skin packed products and top sealing lines.

After speaking with PA and Matt Delaney, the SL4 was the perfect machine for us, our production has now quadrupled, and we have never looked back.

We cannot fault anything about the machine or the company, The after care package and servicing of the machine is second to none. We can call them for assistance and within hours someone will attend site. A first class service all round.”

Rick Sargent Factory Manager.

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