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Our partner in Ireland - Versatile Packaging

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Versatile Packaging was formed in 1998. The name Versatile originated from the original

vision for this packaging company: “to maintain versatility and innovation to ensure that our packaging solutions continue to evolve and surpass the rapid ever-changing needs of our customers.”

Versatile Packaging is now one of the leading suppliers of equipment in Ireland for Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Weigh, Fill & Seal Applications.

Founded with the needs of customers in mind and with extensive food production experience, Versatile Packaging offer customers a 'hands-on' solution offering unprecedented customer service and packaging expertise.

Initially supplying packaging materials, they were keen to branch into the supply of packaging machinery employing a machine sales rep with over 30 years’ experience in the supply of food packaging machines. Experienced with the common problems that were arising with competitor machines, Versatile Packaging wanted to engage with Packaging Automation and associate themselves with a reputable and reliable machine supplier, and the rest as they say is history!

Versatile packaging have now represented Packaging Automation across Ireland for 5 years.

Versatile commented that : “#TeamPA maintain consistent and regular communication with each of their distributors via monthly meetings. These meetings keep us regularly informed and up to date on their strategy and plans as well as giving us the opportunity to share our own plans so that they know where they can support us for mutual benefit.

Both the Maintenance and Engineering Department at Versatile have depended on PA’s quick response and ongoing skill improvements in a broad range of plant operations. They have the ability to provide specialised and prompt service, routinely and during emergencies.

The value-added inputs from their experienced team enable us to provide our customers with new solutions in the shortest possible lead-time, at competitive prices. From major systems and components that occupy complete packaging production lines to small production machines, all are produced with the highest quality, on time and to spec.”

Versatile Service Engineer added: “The Packaging Automation range is one of our preferred range to work on. Parts are easy to access, and machines feel safe to work on.“

Versatile commented: “Packaging Automation has been one of the main providers of tray sealing machines for Versatile Packaging for over 5 years as a cost effective, timely, quality supplier of innovative solutions. They are very creative and able to provide solutions to issues in both the engineering and maintenance areas. In addition, they are safety conscious and respectful of safety rules and regulations. No workplace accidents have occurred from the use of the PA machines that have been supplied by Versatile Packaging. Finally, Packaging Automation personnel are exceptionally committed and willing to dedicate the necessary time and attention to each undertaking in a professional, yet personable, manner.”

John Dumbell, Key Accounts Manager, Packaging Automation commented:

“Versatile Packaging have been a valuable partner to us in Ireland helping us to expand our customer base and supply our equipment to various market sectors. Using their industry knowledge and the opportunity to advise on packaging and service/support solutions, they have been able to carry out many installations in a cost effective and very professional way.

Having the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment in their fully functional showroom has allowed them to prove throughput speeds and show the reliability the PA equipment offers.

We look forward to continuing the partnership with Versatile and with their assistance continually support our customers in Ireland along with many new ones moving forward.”

To contact Versatile visit: email:

or call 00353 4785177

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