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Packaging Automation has an exceptional reputation when it comes to customer service.

Covering a range of industries from food to pharmaceutical our aftersales team is on hand 24/7 to respond. Our UK based engineers are also supported worldwide by our distributors who have all been selected for their strong engineering team, we can assure you that PAL has you covered!

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do is paramount at PA, we understand that with packing and filling equipment, every minute of machinery downtime can mean financial losses. Regular, preventative maintenance ensures equipment operates efficiently and effectively and fulfils its function optimally which can be all be achieved with PAL Prevent 24/7.

Why have a PAL Prevent service agreement?

  • Pro-active and preventive maintenance to maximise machine output

  • Tailored service level options

  • Advanced service scheduling to allow for production planning

  • Increase long term reliability for machines and tooling

  • Identify assets key spares requirement

  • Maximise assets market value

PAL Prevent Benefits

  • Priority service response

  • Reduced service rates

  • Free technical support 24/7

  • Free programming and soldering

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