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Paul Butler – 32 years’ service

Paul Butler is one of our team of Tool Design Engineers, he joined #TeamPA in 1989, that’s an incredible 32 years’ service! Let’s find out what changes Paul has seen during that time.

We started by asking Paul to tell us a little bit about his time at PA.

When I started at Packaging Automation, I was employed as a tool designer and was based in a wooden hut in the garden of the Penn family residence - that was the drawing office then.

I worked on a drawing board until my introduction to CAD in 1994 by our company chairman Anthony Penn. I moved to what was then the new design suite in 1996 and to this day I am still a tool designer.

What’s the best thing about working at PA?

The best thing about working at PA has to be the support and friendship of colleagues from the chairman down. The working atmosphere is very positive, and you truly feel 100% supported in your role.

Who if anyone do you look up to / have learnt the most from / find the most helpful at PA?

For me, I would have to say Anthony Penn who helped me immensely during my first few years especially whist undergoing CAD training. I find you can always approach Anthony at any time to run ideas past him and hear his views or possible alternatives.

What’s the biggest change you have seen over the years at PA?

The biggest change I have seen is the progression of the company from humble beginnings to where it is now. I have seen a positive push forward by management to achieve company goals and it is refreshing to see that everyone buys into them.

I would just like to add that PA is a great company to work for and even during difficult personal times, I feel that they have supported me to the full, you can’t really ask for more than that!

Tanya Westenraad, Engineering Design Manager commented:

“Paul was one of my mentors when I joined PA as an apprentice back in 2002. Now as his line manager it is great to see how much of an integral part of the team he is. With his experience, his role lends him to more R&D tool design, continuously supporting and moving the business forward. He was recently awarded ‘Exceptional Employee’ and that speaks volumes in itself.”


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