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Perfecting Cheese Packaging: Packaging Automation’s Innovative Tray Sealers and Pot fillers

Cheese, with its myriad textures and flavours, has enchanted palates for centuries. However, behind the scenes, a delicate dance of packaging technology ensures that every wedge of cheese reaches customers in peak condition. Enter Packaging Automation, a seasoned player with 60 years of expertise, specializing in tray sealers and pot fillers for cheese packaging. Let’s take a look into the world of Packaging Automation's machines, which are not just about sealing and filling, but about preserving the essence of cheese.

A legacy of expertise

With a history spanning six decades, Packaging Automation's journey is testament to dedication, innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With over 60 years of experience in tray sealing and pot filling, the team has perfected the art of packaging cheese, earning the trust of prominent cheese producers such as Butlers Farmhouse Cheese, Bradburys, Ford Farm Cheesemakers and Carron Lodge.

Versatile solutions for every cheese

Packaging Automation's offerings cover the diverse landscape of cheese packaging. From hard cheeses with robust flavours to delicate soft cheeses, our tray sealers are designed to maintain the integrity and freshness of every variety. Additionally, our pot fillers cater to cottage cheese packaging, ensuring the creamy goodness of this dairy delight is delivered intact and as fresh as possible.

From semi-automatic to full inline brilliance

Our team understands that different cheese producers have varying production scales and our range of machines is designed to accommodate both small-scale operations and large-scale facilities. With options ranging from semi-automatic machines for hands-on precision to full inline solutions for seamless efficiency, we ensure that cheese packaging adapts to the producer's needs, not the other way around.

Creating connections with tray and film seal suppliers

But, it doesn't just stop at machines! Recognising that the right partnerships can elevate packaging solutions, we collaborate with major tray and film seal suppliers across the UK. These connections enable us to make introductions between cheese producers and suppliers, facilitating a comprehensive packaging ecosystem that covers every aspect of the process.

Unlocking Possibilities

One of Packaging Automation's standout features is our Trial Facility, a haven of innovation where cheese packaging dreams become a reality. This facility offers a range of free services, from gas flushing trials that optimize packaging freshness to producing sample packs that allow cheese producers to visualize the end result. Testing seals, exploring eco-friendly options, and maximizing shelf life are all part of the journey within these walls.

Where aesthetics meet innovation

Packaging isn't just about practicality; it's an art that merges function with aesthetics.

In our Trial Facility, we push the boundaries by experimenting with new concepts in cheese packaging. This commitment to marrying innovation with visual appeal ensures that cheese not only tastes good but looks inviting on the shelf.

Packaging Automation's machines aren't just about sealing cheese; they're about encapsulating the essence of this dairy marvel. With six decades of experience under our belt, Packaging Automation's legacy is one of innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Our versatile range of tray sealers and pot fillers cater to every cheese variety, from hard to soft, and their partnerships with tray and film seal suppliers complete the packaging puzzle. The icing on the cake is the Trial Facility, where innovation, aesthetics, and functionality converge, ensuring that every piece of cheese packaged is an experience waiting to be savoured.

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