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Putting passion and people first

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

As a third generation family business, family values are hugely important to us as a business, helping us to create a culture of care and support which also extends to the way we work with our clients and suppliers.

We also have a long-standing commitment to apprenticeships, training and development, which means people know they’re on a rewarding career journey with us – the result is they stay a long time, we all grow close as a team, and that further strengthens our culture, as well as our specialist knowledge and experience, meaning our clients benefit further.

Having previously worked with one of the ‘big 6’ accountancy firms we were looking for less of a transactional relationship with our accountants and really looking for more of an accountancy partner, someone with a genuine interest in our business who would join us and support us on our growth journey.

Sam Ashton, Commercial Director commented "The team at HURST have always struck us as being genuinely interested, passionate and caring – not just about our business, but about us as individuals too "

We passionately believe that Packaging Automation is the world’s absolute best when it comes to manufacturing and engineering solutions, including tray sealing, pot filling and factory efficient weighing solutions for packaging in the food industry. And it’s incredibly important we have the right partners by our side. HURST very much fall into that category - not just because of their expertise in manufacturing and supporting family businesses though. There are other things that are equally important.

Anthony Woodings, Business Service Partner, Hurst

Sam Ashton continued: “I know I can always pick up the phone to Anthony or Liz, and they’ll be there for us. And because we’re talking directly to people who know and understand us and the business, we benefit from relevant, honest advice... always shaped around our own challenges and best interests. They’ve become a very important partner, and a valued sounding board for all sorts of business matters.”

To find out more about Hurst and the services they offer, click here to visit their website.


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