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Reducing Giveaway and Improving Efficiencies in the Soft Fruit Sector

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Incorporating dedicated Soft Fruit Manager software, the MiWeigh, award-winning, factory efficient, intelligent, weighing system is causing a stir in the soft fruit sector with one customer commenting:

it is the gentlest machine at high speed I have seen especially for raspberries.”

Designed to improve the process of weighing food products into trays, the MiWeigh range of productivity improvement solutions for packaging operations incorporates weighing and material handling technology. With the goal of maximising productivity, the hardware and software are used to monitor operator performance, providing a real time visual management tool to aid decision-making and improve pack consistency with a clear, quick return on investment.

The Soft Fruit Manager software has been specifically designed for the soft fruit sector and includes the following features:

· Automatic weight adjustment calculator

· Live dashboard to manage and review productivity runs

· Smart Screen Adjustment for changes to weights, tolerances and set points

· Production Completion Tracker for the batch run with live visual to operators and line leaders with real time data display

· Live Visuals

· Batch Reporting

· Remote Set up & Management

Here’s why Packaging Automation customers are so pleased with the MiWeigh weighing system.

"The new weigh scales have transformed our business, on average give away on some of our high cost proteins are now as low as 1% which is a saving of up to 4.5% compared to before MiWeigh was installed and we are seeing some speeds have almost doubled from 12 weights per minute to 21 per minute”

“We now have visibility of training needs which is provided by the system and have a more accurate and truer picture of the packing cost per unit from the batch report generated from each run. The scale interface is very simple to set up and helps reduce the need for line operative training".

We are very pleased with the speed, accuracy and simplicity of the MiWeigh Scale System. It is easy to set up and adjust. The approach to the challenges presented by different Berry and Punnet Sizes through the season have been easy to address.

To find out how the MiWeigh can save you money, reduce your giveaway and improve your efficiencies contact : and register for the next Soft Fruit Webinar on Wednesday 18th November.

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