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Service Packages - Saving you money in the long term

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We all know the pain of unexpected breakdowns and repairs but with packing and filling equipment and machines, it can result in unplanned downtime and incur heavy financial losses, but regular, preventive maintenance can help.

At Packaging Automation, we have a dedicated Service Team offering a 24 |7 service across the UK and overseas. The team includes 6 Field Engineers who handle breakdowns, machine commissions, service, training, and modifications to machines. They are supported by 3 Customer Service Representatives who handle technical support, help desk queries and spare parts.

Classed as essential workers to keep machines running and the nation fed - the team have continued to deliver exceptional service throughout the global pandemic and with all PA machines future proofed this has never been easier.

James Bridge, who heads up the Service Team commented :

“At Packaging Automation we future proof all our machines as much as possible and the inclusion of remote connection tools simply means that our clients have to plug in an ethernet cable and we can dial in with remote access to check for faults / performance issues. We are proud that we were already ahead of the game when the pandemic hit so could continue to deliver excellent service and make a small but non the less vital contribution to keep the nation fed!”

With a Packaging Automation Service Package you can be sure your machine is operating efficiently and to optimum levels, helping you to reduce unplanned downtime and minimise costs.

Unexpected equipment breakdowns and repairs can result in downtime and in operations where time is money, this can end up having a negative impact on the bottom-line.

Preventative maintenance programmes mean equipment is examined and serviced by skilled, experienced technicians who can identify potential problems early on and therefore reduce the likelihood of equipment failure, breakdowns and costly interruptions to production schedules.

When equipment has been neglected or not properly cared for, repairs are generally far more expensive and complicated.

A programme of scheduled servicing which focuses on predicting and preventing problems is far more cost-effective and will save the organisation money in the longer-term. In addition, service agreements can be very competitively priced and when compared to the cost of repairs and downtime, make sound financial sense. Some service packages can be tailored to include parts, and service appointments scheduled to suit your calendar, taking into consideration any seasonal fluctuations and your specific package needs.

Regular service visits can be arranged for times that are convenient and which will cause the least disruption to production schedules.

The Service & Spares team are the link between PA and our customers. It is our ability to communicate openly and provide honest feedback, which is key to ensuring our continued commitment to customer satisfaction and our continuous improvement.

To find out more about Packaging Automation Service & Spares call 01565 756557


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