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Setting the global standards

At the end of another busy but somewhat bothersome year we’re delighted to announce that despite everything we have continued to achieve business growth.

That means that even during a global pandemic we’ve managed to increase our turnover and have done so continuously for the last 6 years!

Here’s just a few of the stats.

We manufactured 84% more machines in 2021 than in 2020 at a rate of nearly 5 machines per week and that doesn’t include tools!

Tool build alone increased 24%.

Spares and service team achieved record growth of 12.5%.

We’re sure you’ll agree that’s quite an achievement and our thanks go to all #TeamPA who continue to amaze us every day. We feel very lucky to work with such dedicated team members.

#PALPassions runs through everything we do as we continue to strive for business growth and to set industry standards for tray sealing globally.

In 2021 we brought you the world’s fastest tray sealer, challenging industry standards with new technology to deliver the ground-breaking evolution S but it doesn’t stop there.

We’re continue to work hard and our promise to you is:

2. To manufacture all tools with the quickest possible turnaround time

3. To continue to support the medical sector with machines adapted for their specific needs

4. To support customers to reduce their plastic packaging and find the best environmentally friendly packaging for their products

5. To offer free trials in our Test Facility to help businesses develop and grow


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