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Taking the pain out of purchasing !

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Business growth signals business success, often creating new opportunities, attracting more customers and ultimately positively impacting the bottom line but business growth can also be costly and investing in new premises or equipment isn’t always easy.

At Packaging Automation, we offer a wide choice of finance options to allow customers to benefit from tray sealing automation as quickly and flexibly as possible.


Naturally you may choose to invest in the equipment and source your own finance in the knowledge that the return on investment will soon cover the upfront cost.

Lease options

Many customers take advantage of our links with the experts in asset finance, we are happy to assist in sourcing a funding partner for your investment and obtaining a quote.


In an uncertain world, we can reduce the risk of investment by providing short and long term rental contracts which give the benefit of access to automation without a high upfront cost. Weekly rental charges which include machine maintenance cover allow for straight forward return on investment calculations and certainty over cash flow. In addition, rental to purchase options are available.

Since 2012, Packing Automation has been working with Reality Finance to streamline the purchasing processes for customers: making it more efficient and cost-effective for businesses to invest in essential equipment.

Working with Reality Finance we can now bring affordable payment solutions to every customer, enabling them to maintain efficiency in their production lines.

By offering customers a monthly payment option via a Lease to Buy solution our customers can take advantage of the benefits of Leasing:

  • Purchase their equipment now and pay overtime

  • Retain capital to invest in other areas of the business

  • Manage cash flow, forecast, and plan ahead with a set monthly cost

  • Flexible payment terms including deferred or seasonal payments are available

This monthly payment means customers can get the machines they need as soon as they want them without having to wait for the capital to be available.

Sam Ashton, Commercial Director at Packaging Automation commented:

“Having Reality Finance as a partner has enabled our customers to invest in our tray sealing lines which is vital capital equipment that has enabled them to grow their businesses and improve efficiencies much quicker than if they had waited to generate the cash to pay for these assets. We have always found the team at Reality Finance to be extremely responsive and supportive of us and our joint customers through the whole purchasing process, making it as smooth and swift as possible.”


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