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Trial Facility : Sealing samples through a High Pressure Processing (HPP) system.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a method of food sterilization using water to pressurize the product to pasteurize it without additional heat.

When experiencing multiple failed packs after the HPP cycle this customer approached Packaging Automation to see if they could seal up 150 pots in the test kitchen. Unsure as to whether the issue was with the packaging or a competitor machine, they sought our independent advice to bring a resolution to this issue.

With experience of similar HPP trials, the Test Kitchen Team began with some sealing and burst test trials.

Once we achieved a good result in the burst test tank, we sealed up the samples with the customer. The customer then put the samples through their HPP system with a 100% pass rate.

To find out more or for anything related to packaging please contact our Seal Technologist in the Trial Facility, Simon Wilson .


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