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the evolution S - the fastest, most efficient tray sealer in the world!

Discover how this revolutionary machine can take your tray seal operation to new heights – seal smarter with the evolution S.

Four years in Research and Development working alongside food producers and manufacturers, Packaging Automation have challenged industry limits to create the evolutions S the latest and most advanced machine ever developed by #TeamPA.

Until now engineering principles have limited tray sealing capabilities but, when science meets Industry, anything is possible.

The only thing limiting this machine’s output is the upstream process, so the team set about optimising every operation required to seal a tray, accurately, reliably, and efficiently. They employed the latest ground-breaking technology to develop a patented design and to present to you, a world first for this type of application.

Using new Syncro technologies this machine optimises every operation required to seal a tray, accurately, reliably and efficiently and it is by far the most technically advanced machine they have ever produced.

This machine does the thinking for you and has been designed for ease of use during operation. But also, and as importantly, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance attention has been paid in the design to making this as simple as possible.

This latest and most advanced machine ever developed by Packaging Automation features the latest in robotic technology and for this type of application, the first in the world for maximum outputs. Here’s just a few of the new and exciting features

Able to reach speeds of up to 250 packs per minute in single lane format

  • Eliminates intermittent stop - start, removing the need to decelerate or stop to position the packs

  • Achieves continuous controlled movement

  • Facilitates transporting packs three times faster whilst maintaining optimum accuracy and accommodating all pack formats without the need for a tool changeover

  • Removes the need for transfer arms which can be heavy and awkward to move and set up and can also be difficult to store

  • Enables high speed feeding of the film for accurate and consistent printing

  • Offers the ultimate in precision control avoiding any costly errors

  • Features clear visuals and prompts for optimum output with minimal operator input

Challenging industry limits Packaging Automation have managed to create a seismic shift with the production of their most technically advanced machine which basically runs itself.

Seal smarter with the evolution S

To be one of the first to see a demo at the launch of this exciting machine contact or call 01565 756555


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