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Trial Facility : Running trials to validate new plastic trays and inserts

Helping a customer who was looking to down gauge the plastic trays and inserts they use.

This customer already had a machine and tooling onsite, but was looking to down gauge their packaging to reduce the weight of plastic content.

The trays and insert that were currently being used, were sent into the Packaging Automation team along with the proposed down gauged trays. Using the customer films, trials were carried out to make sure there was no issue with the seal on the thinner trays and inserts. Peel test and burst test trials were conducted to make sure the seal strength of the trays and inserts were the same.

The final outcome of the trial is that the customer now knows that they can down gauge with no effect on the performance of the packaging, saving on plastics and no negative impact on the product.

To find out more or for anything related to packaging please contact our Seal Technologist in the Trial Facility, Simon Wilson.


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