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Vibrant Vegan

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Client: Vibrant Vegan

was established in 2018 in response the growing trend for plant-based food and people looking for easy convenient ways to give it a try

Now, in 2020, they deliver fresh and nutritious, frozen vegan meals direct to customers doors.

The Challenge: Product freshness

Vibrant Vegan contacted the team at Packaging Automation to help them ensure their products were packaged for ultimate freshness to arrive on customers doorsteps in the best possible condition.

Working closely with the Test Kitchen team, trials and tests were conducted with various materials and processes to determine the best option for Vibrant Vegan.

The Solution: Tray Sealer Eclipse 182

The solution was the Eclipse 182, a semi-automatic, two station, rotary table tray sealer which can be used to seal reel fed film or pre-cut lids to pre-formed trays. It can be configured to use MAP-F gas flushing (with the option of high oxygen) for extended shelf life and gives Vibrant Vegan the opportunity to achieve best possible throughput.

The Result: Extended shelf life and maximum throughput

With the installation of the Eclipse 182 Vibrant Vegan can now pack up to 40 packs per minute and the product shelf life has been improved too!

Vibrant Vegan commented:

"With increased interest as people turn to healthier food and online delivery, it is important to Vibrant Vegan that we deliver to our customers doors and that is exactly what Packaging Automation have helped us to do. We can now be certain that we continue to provide a top class service."


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